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Analysis On The Change Of LED Lighting Industry And Its Countermeasure
- Feb 17, 2017 -

First, LED subversion of all traditional light sources.

From today's industry point of view, whether it is incandescent, halogen energy-saving lamps or energy-saving lamps, have entered the sunset industry. This round of light source replacement tide, almost all of the transition or slow transition incandescent, halogen energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamp manufacturing enterprises, are facing a fatal blow, only a small number of enterprises can linger, become the specimen level.

Standing on the height of the industry, incandescent as a specimen or a very small number of enterprises, and finally can rely on very small consumers to survive, but the world will be running out; energy-saving lamps enterprises in China's small cities, rural areas have a certain market Share, but will be reduced year by year.