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LED Downlight, LED Energy Saving Lamp, LED Fluorescent Lamp
- Feb 17, 2017 -

LED downlight using high-quality aluminum alloy shell, the surface by sand blasting oxidation, well-designed reflective bowl. Provides a good light distribution, the light angle of 85 °, 100 ° two. Lights have a variety of power output, from 7W. 11W, 20W to 25W range: color temperature is cool white, warm white two. With a transparent glass, matte glass or transparent PC material to do shade, very beautiful, matte glass in the premise of ensuring brightness, to avoid high-brightness LED direct sunlight, reduce glare. Most of the power supply is built-in, there are external (lamp power in 20W or more, using an external drive power, is conducive to the cooling of the die). Lamps use a variety of installation methods, to meet the needs of various occasions.