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LED Light Manufacturer Describes What Is The Light Source
- Feb 17, 2017 -

First, the light effect: the light source will be converted into the efficiency of visible light, that is, the light consumption of each tile power emitted by the luminous flux, the higher the value of the standard light source efficiency, light efficiency is to assess the performance of an important parameter.

Second, the luminous flux: luminous body issued by the sum of the amount of light, that is, light source luminous flux, the more luminescence the greater the number of lumens.

Third, the light intensity: in a particular direction or angle under the light radiation energy, light intensity can express the characteristics of light sources, lamps or reflectors.

Fourth, the illumination: the unit area is received on the luminous flux, in the lighting design, different occasions have different illumination standards.

Fifth, the brightness: also known as the brightness, luminous body or photons per unit area issued (or emitted) luminous intensity.

Six, to the absolute temperature that will be a standard black body heating, the temperature rose to a certain temperature, the color from the red / light red / orange / white / blue and white / blue gradually change, the use of this light color changes in the characteristics of a Light color of the light source and the black body at a temperature under the same color of light, we will be the black body of the absolute temperature is called the light source of the relevant color temperature, low color temperature light color is warm, high color temperature light color is cool.