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Led Lighting Project Attention
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Urban lighting project was once considered to reflect a city economic development "business card", everywhere to build Ambilight "never sleeps". However, in vigorously advocating low-carbon economy today, excessive lighting not only can not give a city "add luster", but in the waste of power resources at the same time, undermine the overall beauty of urban landscape, not only serious light pollution on the natural environment damage , But also affect the physical health of people and other creatures.

Maintaining the basic functions of urban lighting is necessary. The city's main street to ensure the brightness, and decorative lighting should be consistent with the "beauty" function, reflecting the cultural accomplishment and cultural atmosphere, while taking into account the city's financial resources and resource conditions, can not be due to excessive lighting caused by waste of resources, The concept of emission reduction and low carbon requirements.