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The Basic Knowledge Of LED Ceiling Lamps
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Conventional ceiling lamps are common with D-shaped tube and circular tube two, but also the difference between the size of the tube. Different light source of the traditional ceiling lamps are applicable to different places, such as the use of ordinary incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps ceiling is mainly used for home, classrooms, office buildings and other space level of about 4m places lighting. In order to be able to achieve a sufficient height for the face, while saving power, fluorescent ceiling is usually home, schools, shops and office lighting of choice. LED ceiling lamp is the adsorption or embedded roof lighting on the ceiling, is the main indoor lighting equipment, home, office, entertainment and other commonly used lamps. General diameter of about 200mm LED ceiling lamp, suitable for use in the aisle, bathroom. While the diameter of 400mm LED ceiling lamp, then installed in not less than 16 square meters at the top of the room is appropriate. LED ceiling lamp shape The most commonly used LED ceiling lamps are IOW, 16W, 21W, 28W, 32W, 38W, 40W and several. With the LED heating, LED ceiling lamp changes are changing, no longer confined to a single lamp, but to the diversification of development, both to absorb the chandelier luxury and style, but also the use of ceiling-mounted installation, to avoid more Short room can not be loaded with large luxury lighting defects. LED ceiling lamp body directly installed in the roof ceiling, usually used in the living room and bedroom, for the overall lighting.